All gone wrong

Seems like I have neglected this site since last year but the truth is as much as writing these blogs helped me immensely early last year I always felt if I started writing again maybe it meant that I had gone backwards. I had forgotten the purpose of why I started writing in the first place which was to give myself some reasoning behind my stammer. When I stopped properly writing my blogs in June of 2013 I had never been so confident with my speech. Debbie wasn’t doing everything whenever we went out and I felt proud of myself knowing that I could be more help to her. Debbie is such a positive light in my life that I feel so bad that i over rely on her. Simple little things on the cruise like talking to people were initiated by me and I ordered at the bar and at restaurants in front of complete strangers and never even thought about it.
Fast forward 12 months and where are we. All the confidence has gone from my speech. I feel like I cannot talk one sentence fluently. I’m blocking, blurting and rushing and the sense of stupidly is returning. SOMETHING is holding me back and I can’t think what. The past 18 months have been the happiest period of my life but I can’t get past the fact that my speech is awful. I honestly feel that my stammer is getting worse. Do I return to speech therapy where I’m fluent in the classes? or do I go along as I am. I used to think that my speech was dependent on who I was talking to at the time but it’s not, I’m really bad with everyone. I’m seriously considering a vow of silence!!!!
The most frustrating thing is when I went speech therapy two years I picked up some really good techniques that really made a difference and the voice in my head holding me back was gone, but something has changed. Whenever I block I tell myself stop, breathe and start again but I physically can’t do it, people,think it’s easy to stop mid block but it’s so hard, I know how stupid I look when I’m doing It and I feel myself twitching and tapping, I’m still trying to start conversations and join in but because I’m rushing my words I don’t make sense and end up having to repeat myself anyway which is totally defeating the purpose.
I’m hoping that returning to writing this blog again will help restore some clarity and maybe help my confidence, quite frankly I’m sick of feeling like an idiot, I’m 35 and I can’t even hold a sentence together !!!! I don’t know what to do at this point in my life speech wise?, maybe I’m just too old, too stubborn to learn more.
One thing I do know is that I’m very fortunate and blessed that I have a fantastic wife and kids who understand and cope better than me with my stutter, without Debbie kicking me up the arse every now and again I’d definitely be in a worse state than I am now.

MC Stammer – Can’t Say This

Loved doing this

Hi I'm stammer and I have a David

Ok I’ve finished my parody sorry if it offends anyone, if it helps picture me in MC Hammer style trousers dancing along:

My My My stammer hits me so hard,

Makes me so why dear lord

Why did you give me

A speech defect that needs therapy

It feels bad and gets me down

Words get stuck and i start to frown

And i know as such

That this is a sentence i can’t touch:

Any tongue twisters (can’t say this)

Any long words (can’t say this)

Look at my mouth man (can’t say this)

You can see i’m stuck (can’t say this)

Saying the sentence in advance

If i get it right its a happy dance

So stay on the edge of your seat

If i get it right you’re in for a treat

Whilst i’m in full flow hold on

If i get stuck it’s all gone wrong

Like this, like that

Stammering makes me feel…

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End of year struggles

So as we approach the end of year it’s probably time to recap how this year has gone, speech wise the first seven months were really encouraging and I was very pleased with how everything was going. The main goal for starting this blog was to build my confidence for the cruise and I felt that I was successful in that respect. I spoke to people on my own, ordered things at the bars and shops and generally was very happy with how the cruise went. I still had the odd moment but from January til July I was extremely content and pleasantly surprised with how well my stammer was under control.
Since July though things have sort of gone back to how they were before, I’ve not bothered with my breathing techniques and I have no one to blame for that but myself, maybe I am simply content being as I am, the cruise was just for show I suppose but I did think better of myself then. I wanted to fit in on the ship so as a result I definitely put more effort into breathing, stopping and starting again. July, August and September were acceptable speech wise but since then I feel like I have gone backwards. The past three weeks has been terrible, I’ve started feeling embarrassed about talking to people and little things that I thought I could cope with have started creeping back again. When people on my round give me Christmas cards I start stuttering and mumbling instead of simply saying thank you and on Friday I felt so embarrassed when someone asked me my name and I couldn’t answer,the person didn’t know where to look and started laughing nervously which made it worse, in the end he simply walked off. I haven’t felt that way for almost a whole year since I started this blog (hence why I am back writing today)
It’s a difficult one really because I am very happy in life generally and you would think that as a result my stutter would follow, but perversely because I’m content perhaps I don’t try as hard as I should speech wise. As always no one makes an issue of my stutter except me and without the support of Debbie and my boys I know I would be in a much worse state, so what do I do? Should I just carry on as things are or should I try again and redo what I did so successfully at the start of the year.
The year has had many ups ( cruise, first granddaughter and eldest’s wedding) but many downs. I have never known so many friends to have had such a difficult year and am hoping that 2014 brings in new luck for everybody. I’m very fortunate to be healthy and have so many good friends in my life and I am truly grateful for my immediate family. I may be a grumpy git some times but believe me there is nowhere else I would rather be. If I could ask one thing for 2014 it’s to continue to be healthy and have have the live and support of my family and friends (the lottery jackpot wouldn’t go amiss either)

Been a while

I can’t believe that It’s been nearly five months since my last blog, I haven’t forgotten this blog or neglected it but simply haven’t had much to say, I often return to the blog when my speech is playing up just to remind myself what it was all about and it really does help. I am nowhere near the person I was when I first started this blog in January, however although I am extremely comfortable with my life at the moment, my stutter seems to have taken a step back recently. It’s probably a combination of lots of factors but the main one for me is that I have completely forgotten the breathing techniques that were so successful in aiding me. I’m talking too fast again and trying to get words out quicker then I should. I have lost my paranoia though which was a massive achievement. I no longer feel that people are not approaching me to have conversations with me nor are they trying to finish conversations quicker to get away from me. I took advice from Debbie who basically said if people aren’t prepared to wait for you to speak then those people aren’t worth it.

It’s been a funny five months since the cruise really, lots of work, lots of looking at and reminiscing of the cruise too, in fact we have already planned our next one in 2015 which is gonna be awesome, I was very happy with how my speech was during the cruise and I need to get that back as at the moment I feel like its rubbish !!! I have noticed that I have developed a twitch in my eye when I am stuttering as well which I think is affecting me as I am more concerned about that showing then concentrating on my breathing. Also I can’t remember if I had this twitch before or whether it’s just developed, you’d have thought I would have remember something like this but I honestly can’t, and this is also annoying me. I’m very thankful that I have a great support network at home so it doesn’t really become an issue, it’s only an issue at work when I’m trying to talk to people as I’m rushing to get things out.

Hopefully by returning to my blog and rereading it, I can recall the techniques and get back on track

Post holiday blues

After coming back to reality from our wonderful cruise and going back to work this week has been incredibly difficult to get going. Both Deb and myself have picked up viruses since being back and it’s such a struggle to stay motivated. We looked forward to the cruise for nine months and for it now to have come and gone is quite upsetting. I have nothing to focus on to keep me going at work, I always work better when I’m looking forward to achieving something, I think I definitely need to look at booking another cruise soon!!!
I was so pleased with how my stammer went on the cruise, I was really worried before hand about showing myself and Deb up but it went much better than I could have ever expected. Really shouldn’t be surprised as the cruise was so calm and chilled out and that impacts on my stammer. I found myself talking to lots of strangers onboard and ordering drinks and meals from the staff. I don’t think at any point my stammer was an issue which was truly amazing. I think I only felt uncomfortable once at the dining room which was on the first day when the waiter first spoke to us. After this we stayed with the same waiters and all was fine. I really impressed myself especially when most of the time I was the one who initiated conversations and approached people. Since we’ve been back I have tried to keep the stammer similar to the ship and until I liked up the chest infection I was doing really well, I’m slowing down my speech and thinking, first trying not to blurt.
I do miss being on the ship though, everyday I’m checking through our holiday snaps all 4000 of the,, I do like a photo

Day 10 and 11 – at sea losing days

For the next two days we are at sea making our way back towards England and is it any coincidence that the weather has got really windy?, it is still quite warm and dry but my god the wind at sea takes your breath away. We had a relatively late start we woke up at 7!!, got washed dressed and headed down to breakfast. One of the things I had wanted to do on the ship was attempt the climbing wall and today was the day, strangely the most windy day but nevermind!!. After watching a woman in her fifties make her way half way to the first bell I thought I couldn’t chicken out of it now even though I had contemplated it!!, eventually I braved it and bit the bullet and got ready to sign up, sign the waiver (slightly worrying) and got my helmet and harness ready and after being shown wrist exercises and what path I was to be taken I started my ascent. I managed the first half quite well, got to the first bell ring it which I was chuffed about and started climbing again. By this point the hand and foot grab rocks were getting smaller and smaller and my arms were really aching and I was just a couple of levels below the final bell but I just couldn’t reach it and I gave up!! Got down to the bottom and realised just how close I was and after getting some encouragement from the guides and Debbie I decided to give it five minutes and go again,whilst I was resting my arms and other bloke in his fifties did it so I thought I couldn’t not. I started again didn’t ring the first bell just carried on and I was now at the same point as before, my arms were burning at this point and I just couldn’t reach, so I let go and was left dangling mid air as the blokes holding my harness said they weren’t letting me down until I did it!!, they encouraged me to let go off the rope and swing my arms and just try and relax !! I finally managed to let go, composed myself and set off again, right by the bell was the final grab rock and I had to somehow get both hands onto it then reach across and ring it, after two near misses I finally grabbed the bell and frantically rang the bell, I had done it, I could feel a smug grin spread across my face as I come down to the floor, it really was hard but I had conquered it. The two guides were so supportive which helped and Debbie was really proud, now for some vodka to steady me!!! I felt quite proud of myself actually as I could have easily given up but I managed it!!!! Unfortunately my arms ached for the rest of the day.
After this we headed around the ship had our usual nose at the shops and decided it was time for lunch, after lunch we headed to the pet at sea part where you make your own pet, it’s a skin of a cuddly toy that you fill with feathers yourself and dress as well and you make a wish on a yellow star and put it in the back of the toy with the stuffing, such a great idea, we choose a monkey who we named Norman the nautical monkey!!!!
Being at sea is very tiring which is strange must be the sea air but about 13:00 after lunch I was so tired that we had to have a nap!!! After waking at 3 we went back on deck after being blown around we headed immediately back Inside to the shops and cafe promenade for a warm drink. Tonight is the last formal night on board so we went back to get ready. I have to admit I have quite enjoyed getting dressed up much more than I thought I would. We sat down to eat, had our main and was tucking into our desserts when I noticed our head waiter Andy, our assistant Metho and the head of waiting staff heading our way with a cake and candle where the all proceeded to sing happy anniversary to us!!! It was really nice as all the tables around us joined in, including the couple next to us who think they are something special but when you hear them talk they ain’t!!! It was a really nice touch and the cake was delicious.
We headed to our cabin to get some bits for the evening show and we saw one of the animal towels greeting us in mid air, this time it was a monkey and it was really good.

P1370786 P1370788 P1370789 P1370790 P1370791 P1370793 P1370796 P1370799 P1370800 P1370801 P1370816 P1370817 P1370818 P1370823 P1370825 P1370826 P1370827 P1380002 P1380003 P1380004 P1380008 P1380012 P1380015 P1380017 P1380018 P1380019 P1380020 P1380021 P1380022 P1380023 P1380026 P1380027 P1380030 P1380089 P1380090 P1380092 P1380094 P1380095 P1380098 P1380099 P1380100 P1380107 P1380111 P1380116 P1380120 P1380126 P1380128 P1380130 P1380188

Day 9 – Helsinki

After the panic of the last 24 hours we had a more calming day planned in Helsinki. Absolutely nothing planned for here we were just going to catch the shuttle to town and simply mill about. When we arrived in the industrial port I wasn’t expecting much, when we looked around the ship we could see the aerodrome where the souvenirs were and all of a sudden out the corner of my eye I could see something waving at me, when we looked I was a Finnish woman dressed in native dress waving a flag and a husky dog soft toy at me, nice touch I thought. When we were allowed off the ship we got the shuttle and headed to town.
Once we got of the docks the first thing that struck me was the cobblestone roads which looked very nice. I only thought it was the little road we were on but it was most roads and it looked really nice. We got off and after spending ten minutes looking quizzically at the map we decided to head straight on. What we found was rows of shops either side of the road but directly down the middle running all the way along was this park which was really pretty and at the end of it was a fountain which lead to the harbours. Helsinki was what I expected Copenhagen to be like. I was very impressed by it all. At the harbour we found the local market which was really good and we picked up a few bargains, Debbie loves looking round local markets so she was in her element. We could see the Russian Orthodox Church in the distance so we took a wander round to find it, again it was very beautiful, we couldn’t go in as it was locked but the outside was stunning. I’ve noticed a lot of these churches are on the tops of hills and they certainly dominate the skyline, in the distance we could see another cathedral as well. We headed back towards market square and waited for the sea cruises to start running. These took you all around the islands surrounding Helsinki so we thought it would be a great way to see them, the weather was really hot so it seemed like a good idea. The cruise took an hour and a half and it really was enjoyable. The islands are very scenic and like little communities of there own, the postman must hate it unless on his round he has a speedboat!!!. The hour and half seem to go quite quickly as they took us past the island zoo, past the icebreaker ships that are docked for the summer. Helsinki truly is beautiful. When we got off we treated ourselves to a waffle and also tried some local biscuits.
Whilst walking through the market again we spotted a characture drawer and deb decided she wanted one of me done!! Turns out this bloke was Bulgarian and apparently best friends with dimitr berbatov and other famous Bulgarians,!! Bless him I didn’t buy it for a minute but the drawing was really good and something I had wanted to get for a while. We found the other cathedral which was at the top of about a thousand steps (50!!), Debbie looked at them and said she’d wait down here and quite frankly she was right, although it definitely was a rocky moment when you reached the top. What was quite amusing was trying to get money out of he ATM machine, it was inside the bank which was locked but outside by the door is a place where you put your card in and it reads it and let’s you in, however getting out seemed to be the trouble as we were faced by three American tourist frantically pushing and pulling every door trying to escape!!, Debbie had the bright idea of keeping the door open for me as I went inside.
Finally we headed back to the ship but we had had a wonderful day in Helsinki, the one port that I wasn’t expecting much from but got a great deal from. It really is an amazing place one I would highly recommend do all, like most places on the Baltic cruise.

P1370125 P1370161 P1370166 P1370174 P1370175 P1370182 P1370185 P1370195 P1370197 P1370198 P1370199 P1370204 P1370205 P1370214 P1370215 P1370218 P1370223 P1370227 P1370229 P1370231 P1370233 P1370235 P1370238 P1370244 P1370250 P1370256 P1370259 P1370261 P1370262 P1370271 P1370293 P1370302 P1370309 P1370318 P1370323 P1370348 P1370356 P1370362 P1370371 P1370403 P1370405 P1370406 P1370411 P1370444 P1370467 P1370479 P1370488 P1370500 P1370507 P1370509 P1370513 P1370514 P1370515 P1370520 P1370521 P1370523 P1370533 P1370746 P1370748 P1370749

Day 6 amazing Tallinn

Today’ s destination was Tallinn we hadn’t planned anything we were jus gonna play things by ear and Debbie wanted to look at jewellery here as we were told it was quite cheap. When we looked at the cruise compass the forecast was cloudy and showers but when we headed down to breakfast the sun was shining and although it was quite windy we were hopeful. At breakfast we sat and chatted to a couple who we had sort of gotten friendly with over the last three or four days, and they said that there were taking the hop on hop off bus so we decided to do that when we got onshore. As you come closer to Tallinn, the scenery that great you is amazing, they have an old town as well as a new area and these are kept separate which is nice, when we got off the ship we were greater with a band and also a market win lots of homemade Estonian products. This was the first time we had experienced this at a port and it made a great Impression. In the shop the people were friendly and spoke good English.
We got our tickets for the bus and we were away, looking back I wish i had done the same in Oslo and Copenhagen as we saw so much but this cruise is about gaining experience and if we ever go back we know what to do next time. We spent about 15 minutes on the bus before getting of by the Russian Orthodox Church. We were treated by someone selling postcards and a set of ten in,y isn’t €3 so how could I resist, then a young lady selling drinks from a bike rode past so we got two drinks for €5 which I thought was cheap, I’m liking Tallinn already, from here we headed up to the Alexander Nevsky cathedral. I’m not religious in anyway but this place is breathtaking I took some great photos of the onion domes and surrounding spires before heading in, as this is still a working church we were unable to take photos inside which whilst I understand the reasoning it was a shame as the place is stunning, we saw the priest inside talking to one of his flock and there was many locals lighting candles and praying. From here we found a very nice gift shop where we got some great bargains and then headed on to go and see tall herman’s tower and toompea castle again both stunning. Before I left for the cruise someone said to me that Tallinn reminds them of chitty chitty bang bang and they were absolutely right, the old tower with all its glorious buildings is just like that. Outside of the buildings we met shrek and donkey so that was a photo opportunity I couldn’t miss especially when I showed him my tattoo of both !!!. Again he was very friendly. We jumped back on the bus and were taken all over Tallinn seeing all the sites, the thing that struck me was the buildings are so different, very beautiful old buildings as well as the new buildings. We were taken past an old soviet era prison which was very run down and still had tanks and army vehicles left in it so we got off and had a look around, unfortunately the museum was closed due to safer issues with the electrics but because there is a cafe at the back of it you are still able to look around the outside, it is very eerie, was something very strange about this place and I’m sure we kept hearing things and seeing things in the windows, eventually after 4 1/2 hours we headed back to the terminal to have a look around the market again, picking up a few more gifts and making use of the free wifi.
We really didn’t want to leave, Tallinn is such an amazing place, I would recommend it to everyone and I’ll definitely come back here, the people are friendly, so much to see and very cheap especially considering it uses the euro.

P1350972 P1350973 P1350986 P1350988 P1350993 P1350997 P1360004 P1360021 P1360022 P1360026 P1360038 P1360041 P1360052 P1360055 P1360057 P1360061 P1360072 P1360075 P1360078 P1360079 P1360080 P1360092 P1360093 P1360106 P1360107 P1360116 P1360133 P1360148 P1360159 P1360162 P1360166 P1360170 P1360171 P1360178 P1360180 P1360195 P1360196 P1360200 P1360203 P1360206 P1360211 P1360216 P1360235 P1360236 P1360239 P1360245 P1360247 P1360251 P1360252 P1360253 P1360258 P1360259 P1360261 P1360262 P1360269 P1360282 P1360286 P1360289 P1360308

Day 7 and 8 – the mystery of st Petersburg

After the beauty of Tallinn we headed off to st Petersburg, Russia. One of the main reasons that I booked this cruise was specificity st Petersburg and I was genuinely excited by seeing it. However I was really worried about going through passport control, Russians are notoriously strict about things and when we walked in and saw the miserable robot like faces we knew it was going to be tense. One couple got pulled out in front of us which only made things worse and eventually it was my turn, we walked up to the window handed our papers to her and nervously waited, she stamped me eventually and I was on Russian soil. The dock we were in is very industrial and lots of soviet era tower blocks greet you when you get off the ship and it is very imposing. I remember goldeneye was filmed in st Petersburg and it did remind me of this as we boarded our coach and headed of to Peterhof palace and gardens. Peterhof is the former home of Peter the great and his family and descendants. The coach trip took about an hour and it was nice driving through the streets seeing the different style of buildings, we managed to see some of the churches and cathedrals along the way and whilst it was hard to see from the coach you could still appreciate the beauty. As we made our way along the motorway the different sides of st Petersburg adorned the skyline. Finally we made it to Peterhof and we met by about 40 coaches, this was gonna be an experience.
We got into the entrance of the palace and queued for ages, what seemed like hundreds of groups in front of us. The organisation by the Russians was not what I had expected, it seemed like they just wanted as many people in as possible. The palace interior is magnificent we weren’t allowed to take photos but you can’t comprehend the amount of gold in every single room, one room is just all gold absolutely everywhere, it is just unreal, the rooms of the palace seemed to be a different theme and it was really nice to see, despite the hoards of Chinese tourists in the group before taking ages, thank god they weren’t taking photos as we would have been there forever. The assistants who worked there weren’t friendly, everything was in Russian so we couldn’t read what was what and they were more interested in moving us along like cattle than letting us appreciate the majesty of things. Eventually we got outside where we could see the gardens and fountains. Our group had one straggler who stayed behind so we stayed by the exit where one of the happy security attendants proceeded to blow his whistle loudly at us until we moved. He was just the typical Russian security, it was really amusing to see him proudly whistling in people’s ears !! The fountains really are stunning, loads of them dotted about everywhere, the actually grounds of Peterhof was something like 230 acres, the only downside to the park was the pickpockets which are always watching you, after walking around for about 4 hours it was time to head back to the ship and the joys of passport control.
By the time we were back onboard we were both hungry so headed to the windjammer for a light (honest) lunch it did seem strange eating and looking at land. Then it was nap time followed by a shower and dinner.
We wanted to stay up late tonight as it was white nights, and we wanted to see how it looked, try also had a band playing on the pool deck as well as a BBQ, so we got our seats early and waited, by this time it was 22:15 and the sun was still shining, after a few cocktails and a hot dog (more food) it was time to watch the sunset at 23:30, it was beautiful but once it had gone down it was still light, we couldn’t believe it, we stayed up until 2 in the morning and it was still daylight, very surreal but very beautiful.
Day 2 arrived and this was our ‘anniversary’ so we preordered breakfast in bed which duly arrived at 8, we had an excursion booked for 12:45 so we could sit and relax, the breakfast was lovely and after we had showered and dressed we made our way for our morning stroll along the decks. We were really looking forward to the excursions today which would take us to three cathedrals. St Isaac’s, st Nicholas and the church of the spilled blood which is situated on the spot where the tsar was assassinated. Passport control was much simpler today as we had shown our immigration passes yesterday we more or less went straight through and boarded the coach. Our guide andreiv only looked about 15 but he was extremely knowledgeable and was the first friendly Russian we had met, we later find our that he was an historian. We arrived at St Isaac’s cathedral along with hundreds of churches and feared the worst like we were going to be paraded through like cattle, however this was not the case. The outside of the church is very imposing but nothing would prepare for what was inside, it was truly amazing, every single piece of wall, ceiling, door you name it was covered in mosaics depicting the life if Christ and the saints, the ceilings were so high that it hurt your neck looking at them but you couldn’t help but,the church held upto 20,000 people in its hay day and we had lots of room to mill around, it’s no longer a working church it’s a museum but that doesn’t detract from the beauty of it, as other groups walked in you could audibly hear them all saying wow. I’m not as religious as Debbie but I can still appreciate the majesty of the church, we had about 30 minutes inside where we could take photos and then walked back to the coach where we were taken to a gift shop and a toilet. The traffic in st Petersburg was horrendous as hey was a economic meeting taking place and the police has closed off some streets, there was police on every street and every junction.
Finally we made our way to st Nicholas which is still a working church, the Russians may be miserable as a race but they do know how to build a church!!, again whilst not as spectacular as st Isaac’s it was still magnificent, it was bright blue in colour and really stood out. We were unable to take photos inside but it was really nice again, our guide bought us a candle for us to light and Debbie showed me what to do. The locals coming in and out all had their heads covered and Debbie did the same, some of our group didn’t bother and I felt that was a little disrespectful but our guide said that because there was no service on they wouldn’t mid, however seeing as we were advised that there was a dress code for the trip some should have shown more class.
From here we were making our way to my highlight the church of the spilled blood, I had seen photos online and it looked truly spectacular, it was 15:50 and the ship was due to leave at 17:30 so we thought we were ok, however a ten minute journey turned into an hour and twenty minutes and people were starting to panic. As this was a ship operated excursion the ship had to wait but some were still worrying we would be left stranded. We made it to the church and only one word can describe it WOW, it really has to be seen to be believed, photos online only give you half a taster of what you see. We only had a quick 10 minutes inside and again, every single piece of the church is covered in mosaics, how they upkeep these buildings is beyond me, some people on the coach stayed on it which was absurd, this church is absolutely outstanding, I can only recommend seeing it or yourself. Religious or not it will take your breath away.
Finally an hour past the time we should have sailed we made it safely to the ship where people were anxiously waiting for us, the Russians didn’t even check us they wanted us gone. Me and Debbie had a dinner reservation at portafino’s the Italian restaurant at half 7 so after a quick wash and change of outfits we made it. Whilst the steak was very nice I was expecting a little more, in all honesty it was no posher than our dining room, but it made a nice change, after a while we retired to the bedroom and after a long eventful excursion it was time for sleep.
My impressions of st Petersburg changed midway through the two days, the places are beautiful, the buildings truly astonishing, the people we met miserable as sin except for our guide who was wonderful. I would come back again though I think as there is so much to see and two days really isn’t long enough, however I would only come back on a cruise not on my own steam!!!

P1360311 P1360316 P1360317 P1360318 P1360322 P1360344 P1360356 P1360382 P1360383 P1360393 P1360421 P1360422 P1360423 P1360426 P1360465 P1360475 P1360482 P1360484 P1360488 P1360500 P1360504 P1360510 P1360512 P1360514 P1360515 P1360517 P1360522 P1360530 P1360532 P1360533 P1360537 P1360541 P1360542 P1360548 P1360552 P1360557 P1360569 P1360577 P1360580 P1360587 P1360604 P1360606 P1360608 P1360609 P1360611 P1360612 P1360613 P1360614 P1360615 P1360617 P1360624 P1360626 P1360629 P1360634 P1360635 P1360645 P1360657 P1360658 P1360660 P1360661 P1360662 P1360665 P1360699 P1360700 P1360703 P1360709 P1360721 P1360724 P1360731 P1360734 P1360735 P1360738 P1360741 P1360749 P1360768 P1360777 P1360796 P1360799 P1360801 P1360816 P1360834 P1360839 P1360856 P1360871 P1360889 P1360902 P1360904 P1360912 P1360913 P1360918 P1360921 P1360925 P1360929 P1360939 P1360942 P1360945 P1360949 P1360955 P1360961 P1360965 P1360971 P1360975 P1360983 P1360989 P1360991 P1360997 P1360998 P1370001 P1370004 P1370007 P1370018 P1370025 P1370028 P1370048 P1370049 P1370053 P1370059 P1370062 P1370079 P1370080 P1370092 P1370095 P1370097 P1370100 P1370102 P1370110 P1370114 P1370116 P1370118

Day 5 at sea rest an relaxation

Despite going to bed at 2 some fool (me) forgot to turn the alarm on my phone off so I woke up at 5 again, managed to get a sneaky 30 minutes more before deciding that I needed a cuppa, so without disturbing Debbie, I went down to the cafe promenade and got us a couple of drinks, tried waking Debbie up subtlety but switched the wrong lit switch and nearly blinded her oops, luckily after seeing the cup of tea I has got for her it was all ok, so we went down to breakfast where I had what is ow my traditional cooked breakfast and watched the world go past our window.
After my jacuzzi experience the other day I’ve been trying to talk Debbie into joining me in one and today was the day, slightly worrying that the first jacuzzi was green coloured we moved across the ship to the other side where Debbie got in, unfortunately the temperature was not as warm as the other day so it was a bit chilly in there and after about half hour we’d had enough and got out, I did get not the swimming pool after I’d dried off which was actually warmer than the jacuzzi and after doing my laps I got back into the jacuzzi and persuaded Debbie back in, apparently it was colder than before so she didn’t last long!! So we dried off again, got a cuppa and headed to our cabin to get ready for lunch, so far today has been lovely and chilled our, more of the same after lunch and a bit more sunshine would be lovely
Been a lovely lazy afternoon did a mile around the ship on the running track then hit st tropaz the sunbathing deck, three hours later we were still enjoying the beautiful sunshine, the weather was absolutely perfect, so we finished sunbathing then walked another mile on the track an headed down to the Ben and Jerry’s stand for a well deserved ice cream, got back into our cabin saw my reflection oh dear I am a lobster!!! Well my front is at least, I did put lots of suntan lotion on so am hopeful it’ll turn brown overnight (yeah right). Not the day I wanted a formal evening for could be fun, am quite enjoying dressing up, the snob in me is coming out.
Had a lovely meal again, the food and the service is outstanding, me and Debbie looked great dressed up and we got our photos taken in front of the really nice car in the royal promenade which I was hoping for earlier in the week, after dinner we saw he first viewing of the show the royal Caribbean singers and dancers show, which was very good, to be slightly picky if you call he show history of rock you certainly don’t include music by Whitney Houston or En Vogue but other than that it was really good and entertaining.
Aft the show we went out on deck to see the sunset before retiring to bed where Debbie rubbed some moisturiser into my new bright red front!! All in all another wonderful day next stop Tallinn

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