Day 6 amazing Tallinn

Today’ s destination was Tallinn we hadn’t planned anything we were jus gonna play things by ear and Debbie wanted to look at jewellery here as we were told it was quite cheap. When we looked at the cruise compass the forecast was cloudy and showers but when we headed down to breakfast the sun was shining and although it was quite windy we were hopeful. At breakfast we sat and chatted to a couple who we had sort of gotten friendly with over the last three or four days, and they said that there were taking the hop on hop off bus so we decided to do that when we got onshore. As you come closer to Tallinn, the scenery that great you is amazing, they have an old town as well as a new area and these are kept separate which is nice, when we got off the ship we were greater with a band and also a market win lots of homemade Estonian products. This was the first time we had experienced this at a port and it made a great Impression. In the shop the people were friendly and spoke good English.
We got our tickets for the bus and we were away, looking back I wish i had done the same in Oslo and Copenhagen as we saw so much but this cruise is about gaining experience and if we ever go back we know what to do next time. We spent about 15 minutes on the bus before getting of by the Russian Orthodox Church. We were treated by someone selling postcards and a set of ten in,y isn’t €3 so how could I resist, then a young lady selling drinks from a bike rode past so we got two drinks for €5 which I thought was cheap, I’m liking Tallinn already, from here we headed up to the Alexander Nevsky cathedral. I’m not religious in anyway but this place is breathtaking I took some great photos of the onion domes and surrounding spires before heading in, as this is still a working church we were unable to take photos inside which whilst I understand the reasoning it was a shame as the place is stunning, we saw the priest inside talking to one of his flock and there was many locals lighting candles and praying. From here we found a very nice gift shop where we got some great bargains and then headed on to go and see tall herman’s tower and toompea castle again both stunning. Before I left for the cruise someone said to me that Tallinn reminds them of chitty chitty bang bang and they were absolutely right, the old tower with all its glorious buildings is just like that. Outside of the buildings we met shrek and donkey so that was a photo opportunity I couldn’t miss especially when I showed him my tattoo of both !!!. Again he was very friendly. We jumped back on the bus and were taken all over Tallinn seeing all the sites, the thing that struck me was the buildings are so different, very beautiful old buildings as well as the new buildings. We were taken past an old soviet era prison which was very run down and still had tanks and army vehicles left in it so we got off and had a look around, unfortunately the museum was closed due to safer issues with the electrics but because there is a cafe at the back of it you are still able to look around the outside, it is very eerie, was something very strange about this place and I’m sure we kept hearing things and seeing things in the windows, eventually after 4 1/2 hours we headed back to the terminal to have a look around the market again, picking up a few more gifts and making use of the free wifi.
We really didn’t want to leave, Tallinn is such an amazing place, I would recommend it to everyone and I’ll definitely come back here, the people are friendly, so much to see and very cheap especially considering it uses the euro.

P1350972 P1350973 P1350986 P1350988 P1350993 P1350997 P1360004 P1360021 P1360022 P1360026 P1360038 P1360041 P1360052 P1360055 P1360057 P1360061 P1360072 P1360075 P1360078 P1360079 P1360080 P1360092 P1360093 P1360106 P1360107 P1360116 P1360133 P1360148 P1360159 P1360162 P1360166 P1360170 P1360171 P1360178 P1360180 P1360195 P1360196 P1360200 P1360203 P1360206 P1360211 P1360216 P1360235 P1360236 P1360239 P1360245 P1360247 P1360251 P1360252 P1360253 P1360258 P1360259 P1360261 P1360262 P1360269 P1360282 P1360286 P1360289 P1360308

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