Post holiday blues

After coming back to reality from our wonderful cruise and going back to work this week has been incredibly difficult to get going. Both Deb and myself have picked up viruses since being back and it’s such a struggle to stay motivated. We looked forward to the cruise for nine months and for it now to have come and gone is quite upsetting. I have nothing to focus on to keep me going at work, I always work better when I’m looking forward to achieving something, I think I definitely need to look at booking another cruise soon!!!
I was so pleased with how my stammer went on the cruise, I was really worried before hand about showing myself and Deb up but it went much better than I could have ever expected. Really shouldn’t be surprised as the cruise was so calm and chilled out and that impacts on my stammer. I found myself talking to lots of strangers onboard and ordering drinks and meals from the staff. I don’t think at any point my stammer was an issue which was truly amazing. I think I only felt uncomfortable once at the dining room which was on the first day when the waiter first spoke to us. After this we stayed with the same waiters and all was fine. I really impressed myself especially when most of the time I was the one who initiated conversations and approached people. Since we’ve been back I have tried to keep the stammer similar to the ship and until I liked up the chest infection I was doing really well, I’m slowing down my speech and thinking, first trying not to blurt.
I do miss being on the ship though, everyday I’m checking through our holiday snaps all 4000 of the,, I do like a photo

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