Day 5 at sea rest an relaxation

Despite going to bed at 2 some fool (me) forgot to turn the alarm on my phone off so I woke up at 5 again, managed to get a sneaky 30 minutes more before deciding that I needed a cuppa, so without disturbing Debbie, I went down to the cafe promenade and got us a couple of drinks, tried waking Debbie up subtlety but switched the wrong lit switch and nearly blinded her oops, luckily after seeing the cup of tea I has got for her it was all ok, so we went down to breakfast where I had what is ow my traditional cooked breakfast and watched the world go past our window.
After my jacuzzi experience the other day I’ve been trying to talk Debbie into joining me in one and today was the day, slightly worrying that the first jacuzzi was green coloured we moved across the ship to the other side where Debbie got in, unfortunately the temperature was not as warm as the other day so it was a bit chilly in there and after about half hour we’d had enough and got out, I did get not the swimming pool after I’d dried off which was actually warmer than the jacuzzi and after doing my laps I got back into the jacuzzi and persuaded Debbie back in, apparently it was colder than before so she didn’t last long!! So we dried off again, got a cuppa and headed to our cabin to get ready for lunch, so far today has been lovely and chilled our, more of the same after lunch and a bit more sunshine would be lovely
Been a lovely lazy afternoon did a mile around the ship on the running track then hit st tropaz the sunbathing deck, three hours later we were still enjoying the beautiful sunshine, the weather was absolutely perfect, so we finished sunbathing then walked another mile on the track an headed down to the Ben and Jerry’s stand for a well deserved ice cream, got back into our cabin saw my reflection oh dear I am a lobster!!! Well my front is at least, I did put lots of suntan lotion on so am hopeful it’ll turn brown overnight (yeah right). Not the day I wanted a formal evening for could be fun, am quite enjoying dressing up, the snob in me is coming out.
Had a lovely meal again, the food and the service is outstanding, me and Debbie looked great dressed up and we got our photos taken in front of the really nice car in the royal promenade which I was hoping for earlier in the week, after dinner we saw he first viewing of the show the royal Caribbean singers and dancers show, which was very good, to be slightly picky if you call he show history of rock you certainly don’t include music by Whitney Houston or En Vogue but other than that it was really good and entertaining.
Aft the show we went out on deck to see the sunset before retiring to bed where Debbie rubbed some moisturiser into my new bright red front!! All in all another wonderful day next stop Tallinn

P1350781 P1350783 P1350785 P1350786 P1350802 P1350803 P1350804 P1350806 P1350807 P1350824 P1350826 P1350830 P1350840 P1350841 P1350843 P1350844 P1350845 P1350846 P1350847 P1350967 P1350969

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