Been a while

I can’t believe that It’s been nearly five months since my last blog, I haven’t forgotten this blog or neglected it but simply haven’t had much to say, I often return to the blog when my speech is playing up just to remind myself what it was all about and it really does help. I am nowhere near the person I was when I first started this blog in January, however although I am extremely comfortable with my life at the moment, my stutter seems to have taken a step back recently. It’s probably a combination of lots of factors but the main one for me is that I have completely forgotten the breathing techniques that were so successful in aiding me. I’m talking too fast again and trying to get words out quicker then I should. I have lost my paranoia though which was a massive achievement. I no longer feel that people are not approaching me to have conversations with me nor are they trying to finish conversations quicker to get away from me. I took advice from Debbie who basically said if people aren’t prepared to wait for you to speak then those people aren’t worth it.

It’s been a funny five months since the cruise really, lots of work, lots of looking at and reminiscing of the cruise too, in fact we have already planned our next one in 2015 which is gonna be awesome, I was very happy with how my speech was during the cruise and I need to get that back as at the moment I feel like its rubbish !!! I have noticed that I have developed a twitch in my eye when I am stuttering as well which I think is affecting me as I am more concerned about that showing then concentrating on my breathing. Also I can’t remember if I had this twitch before or whether it’s just developed, you’d have thought I would have remember something like this but I honestly can’t, and this is also annoying me. I’m very thankful that I have a great support network at home so it doesn’t really become an issue, it’s only an issue at work when I’m trying to talk to people as I’m rushing to get things out.

Hopefully by returning to my blog and rereading it, I can recall the techniques and get back on track

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