Sid the sloth

Introducing my latest work of art Sid the sloth from the ice age movies, usually I get to watch the tattoos develop but because this was on the back of my thigh it wasn’t possible, still was worth the wait!!! I love it. Josh at ravenskin Shanklin as usual top work


Tattoo’s and me and how i became known as INKWELL

As well as music and photography another major passion of mine is tattoo’s. Growing up i never really took much interest in things like this until i was probably 18 i never even considered getting one. As a kid i hated art lessons at school. My art teachers were never complimentary on anything that i did in lessons and fair enough i wasn’t particularly ‘arty’ in anyway but still there was no encouragement to try and expand my knowledge. Once i started working and playing men’s football i noticed tattoos and probably listening and watching rock music i began noticing more and more tattoos, however i didn’t think i would get one. When i was 19 i decided to take the plunge and get one, i knew what i wanted (Chinese writing) and knew that there was a tattooist in Walthamstow  so i caught the bus and headed down there. I spent 20 minutes looking for the shop!!! couldn’t find it, couldn’t find a phone number for it so thought ok that’s a sign that i’m not supposed to get one and headed home. I think i left it about 18 months and eventually in early 2000 i heard that a new shop had opened in Gants Hill called Steel Beauty and i booked it. Back then i never really knew what i wanted so i used to just go into the shop have a look at there books and picked one. At the time i liked the Tazmanian devil character so that was the inspiration for my first tattoo Taz Devil

Unfortunately this hasnt aged well over the years!!. Also a few weeks after doing this the bloke who had done it was sacked for bad workmanship!!. Once i had one i was told that they were addictive and they were right over the course of the next twelve months i had four more donedragonBulldogarsenalTiger

The tiger and arsenal badge i had done on the 25 of May 2001. I know this because this was the day that changed my life. It was when i first made contact with Debbie

I didn’t have anymore tattoos done until the summer of 2003 when we were honeymooning in Somerset. We were staying at pointins in brean sands (which holds great memories for me as a boy and an adult) and whilst looking round the shops in Weston Super Mare we found a tattooists i think called Pumpkin Studios and i had two more done that week. Again i never really planned anything so just picked the two from the shop that i liked the look of taz devil boxingshark

For a birthday present from Debbie i had these down in ryde in 2004  pantherdragon

Then in 2005 i was working in ryde and went into the studio there and found this celtic cross

In 2007  after i had been working for royal mail for 6 months i went back to ryde and had these two starsdragon

In 2007 i had these done from a friend i worked with davetribal

Then in 2008 a new tattooists were opening a shop on my round in Shanklin, this was fatal for me!!. When i first walked into the shop the atmosphere was fantastic. The people working there were friendly, helpful and encouraged you to design your own ideas rather than just looking through the books. They took the time to listen to what you wanted and discuss any issues with you unlike previous shops i had used who just worked in complete silence.

So ladies and gentlemen i give you the RAVENSKIN collection from 2008 to the present and in no particular order. please just admire the beauty of their work shrekwish you never met me lyricspuss in bootsravenskin logoshinedown logopapa roach albumnative american bearthe used logodave the minionleave out all the rest lyricsmr bumpsmurfetteforever lyricsflowersnuffypenfoldcount duckuladaffy duckkoihomer rockstwinhomerkurt cobaincannonnemomushroommr potato headmickey mouseinspector clueseaugypsygrumpygingycookie monstercharlie doodlecartoon mecartoon collageby the wayalien

As you can see some quite brilliant tattoo’s there. My inspiration has been music and cartoon characters mostly. Debbie has been really good with my addiction in fact she sometimes picks out my designs so technically it’s her fault!!. I will stop at some point as i’m running out of room and i dont want them to merge into one.

The reason they call me INKWELL?, that was from Nick at Ravenskin because i take it so well. I must be lucky in that i always seem to take whatever colour and whatever pain is put my way

If someone would have told me when i was 16 that in twenty years time you will have over 50 tattoos i would have laughed at them. I am fiercely proud of all of my tattoos and i don’t regret any of them. To me they are personal choice fair enough not to everyone’s taste but it sums me up perfectly. To the people who say when you’re older you’ll regret havin them done. Why would i? they were never forced onto me, they may look bad in 40 years time but quite frankly so will i

Shameless plug time now. If you are living on or plan to visit the isle of wight i would whole heartedly recommend going to see NICK, JOSH or JETHRO at Ravenskin Shanklin trust me you won’t regret it tell them INKWELL sent you!!!!