Day 4 – Copenhagen fairy tale?

After an early night we slept the whole way through til the early woke us up at what we thought was 6, however it turned out that I had misread the guide and set the clock forward an hour a day early oops!, undeterred by this we got dressed and headed down to the cafe promenade for an early morning cuppa, today was definitely the worst day weather wise very windy on deck and showery, the forecast for Copenhagen was pretty much the same and as we sat on deck waiting to dock the weather changed every ten minutes. The ride through to Copenhagen wasn’t nearly half as pretty as passing through the fjord so we stayed out as long as we could then headed inside to be warm. Deck 14 gives you a wonderful view around both sides of he ship and it’s inside so we sat our bums there and watched.
The only downside to the cruise so far I have seen is the organisation when it comes to disembarking of the ship. Everyone congregates on the stairs and pushes their way through which is very irritating when you are precariously balanced on the stair, eventually though we made our way onto the streets of Copenhagen. We had to get the shuttle bus to be centre of town which cost us €15 (bit cheeky) but made it there and went off exploring. Because of the rain we decided to not to do tivoli gardens as it was our in he open so we pretty much had to go with be flow, I wanted to do nyhavn ( new harbour) as I had seen pictures and the buildings looked really scenic and eventually we found it and it was just as the pictures looked like, very colourful buildings. One of the shops was called Hans Christian Anderson show we had a mooch around there and even met the great man himself (miserable sod!!), we turned back on ourselves and headed to the souvenir shop suggested by Royal Caribbean, Copenhagen souvenirs where if we showed our compass map we would get a free gift, we were delighted to be given two fridge magnets!!!, but the shop sold some nice bits. Once out of here the heavens opened so we popped into the Guinness world records museum, which cost 229 DNK which worked out about £15, stepped inside and my first instinct was rubbish, but I hold my hands up and say I judged it to quick, it was actually really good, we saw the worlds biggest man, biggest baby, fattest man etc, some really good interactive bits and I actually really enjoyed it, after walking through this part we had a token to get us into the Mystic Explorations which again was really enjoyable, there’s was a disco where a skeleton mirror would follow your dance moves, an electric chair which you could test the volts and lots of silly little bits, took us a good hour to walk around both but it was really good and I would recommend a visit.
Then we found the Disney store!! You all know how much I love cartoon films and I do love the Disney stores, so very tempting luckily I managed to stop myself splashing out although the Mickey Mouse done up as a Viking was very tempting, Debbie treated me to a wicked Finding Nemo mug ( I’m so cool ), finally after eating a very disappointing crepe we headed back to the shuttle bus to the ship from where we could walk to the famous little mermaid statue, again something very beautiful, very scenic positioned just in from the sea, found a couple more statues then headed back aboard the ship leaving Copenhagen behind. Really enjoyed it here not as pretty as Oslo but I found the people friendlier. Would definitely come back here next time I’ll use the hop on hop off buses. Shame about the weather but as one of the Danish shop assistant told us its typical weather here.
After getting back to our cabin we were hungry couldn’t be bothered to walk to the windjammer so we thought we’d try room service!! ( my idea ). Wow you get loads, once you place the order through the interactive tele, the chef rings you up and double checks your order, takes about 30 minutes to get to your room but once it’s here you can’t help but pig out!!!! Very very nice.
Then onto evening entertainment, tonight’s showcase headline act was the world famous (???) Swarovski crystal electric violinist Craig Halliday (me neither) this was more for Debbie as she likes stuff that like and to be fair he was quite good and also it didn’t seem to drag too much so maybe I enjoyed it a bit too. Stayed up til gone midnight tonight so we could watch the ship pass under the bridge that links Sweden and Denmark, unfortunately it was too dark to get any decent photos and it was ever so windy but we stayed up to watch it pass through with what like millimetres to spare, hopefully on way home we will pass it in sunlight, then of to bed at 12:30 only to realise the clocks had to go forward a again so it was actually 2! Long day but very enjoyable maybe get a lay in tomorrow

P1350403 P1350404 P1350405 P1350406 P1350413 P1350414 P1350415 P1350454 P1350456 P1350460 P1350464 P1350474 P1350477 P1350479 P1350481 P1350482 P1350484 P1350485 P1350492 P1350496 P1350500 P1350502 P1350503 P1350504 P1350505 P1350506 P1350509 P1350512 P1350515 P1350523 P1350524 P1350525 P1350526 P1350531 P1350536 P1350537 P1350546 P1350549 P1350551 P1350552 P1350554 P1350566 P1350567 P1350582 P1350583 P1350629 P1350635 P1350647 P1350649 P1350659 P1350660 P1350665 P1350736

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