Day 2 all at sea

Day 2 begins with waking up at 5 then finding out it was 6 then hearing the loudest toilet flush in the world, slept very well had a cup of tea got showered headed to the windjammer for breakfast. Not one to turn down a cooked breakfast I had two instead but couldn’t eat all he second one so grabbed a couple of doughnuts and off we went. Found some lovely seats by the jacuzzi and swimming pool so went back to be cabin got changed and took the plunge, the jacuzzi was so relaxing intact I could quite easily spend all day in there, after twenty minutes headed to the swimming pool bloody freezing at first but after a few minutes fine, did a few laps got Debbie to take my photos (poser) then headed back to the jacuzzi. Ah this is the life for me.
Well lunch time arrived so we thought we would give Johnny Rockets the American diner a go. There is a surcharge of $4:95 to eat here and a charge for your drinks however its all you an eat and wow!!. From the service through to the food it’s very very good. The burgers are huge and the malted shakes are lovely. I thought I was finished and Ben she mentioned apple pie and ice cream thought it rude not to. My god that apple pie was delicious although I was really stuffed I couldn’t put it down, finally we finished our meal and waddled out. We walked a lap of the boat on he running track then found a seat on deck and basked in the beautiful sunshine. After an hour of this it was back to the cabin for a nap.
Tonight is the first formal night and this is something I have been dreading, for those who don’t know me I hate wearing suits intact probably the last time I wore one was our wedding ten years ago, however I think it would be nice for me and Debbie to dress up as she always looks amazing and I know she isn’t happy with our wedding photos, I’ve paid for us to have a professional photo done in our smart clothes, which should be interesting. One of the fears I had about cruising was standing out like a sore thumb but so far I haven’t felt this which is nice. Infact I’ve felt quite smart compared to a few people one of whom rocked up in a track suit .
So formal dress dinner came and whilst Debbie looked amazing I still resembled a fat penguin and the bow tie was tighter than I had remembered, however I don’t mind admitting I scrubbed up well, we had 4 photos taken and we get to pick one or free the others are $19.95 each which I think is a tad overpriced so unless we find one that we both really like we will only get the freebie, (well I say freebie but I prepaid it). Dinner again was lovely small portions but very filling an the soufflé dessert was a dream.
Tonight we managed to catch the theatre show which was a Beatles tribute act. There was dung, stag and a Volkswagen!! Only kidding obviously they were really good had the audience up and moving and after about an hour it was over which was a shame as we really getting into it, we decided to it the blue moon cocktail bar and watch melody duo ( they are better than the name suggests) and sing and dance the night away. It was 23:15 and the sun was still bright which was weird. So after a busy day it was time for bed.

P1340667 P1340668 P1340673 P1340675 P1340681 P1340682 P1340683 P1340692 P1340693 P1340697 P1340698 P1340699 P1340701 P1340702 P1340722 P1340749 P1340750 P1340758 P1340763 P1340764 P1340767 P1340769 P1340783 P1340799 P1340800 P1340802 P1340803 P1340805 P1340808

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