Day 1 orienteering !!

So finally the day had arrived, for what seemed like an eternity of waiting we were on our way, from getting up at 6, getting washed and ready by half 6 then waiting for he taxi to come get us at 9 everything had led up to this point. The taxi ride to east cowes was interesting as we were keeping an eye on the meter going up and up until it finally stopped at £25.50!!!! Thankfully the driver let us of 50p so we tipped him a fiver, ( generous ain’t I). We managed to catch the earlier ferry and got ourselves the holiday tradition of a large hot chocolate. Part of the reason I got the car ferry was so that I could get some photos of our ship as we docked and I wasn’t disappointed, I’d seen it go last before from cowes and east cowes but this time seeing it closer up you could appreciate just how huge It was. So eventually we exited the car ferry and we could see that the ship wasn’t far away so we decided to walk to the terminal.


One of the things that people have told me about cruising is the hospitality onboard, well as soon as we entered the terminal it began, one of the baggage handlers spotted us struggling with two huge suitcases and a holdall and came over straight away asked us If we were travelling on the adventure then took our bags from us and directed us where to go. Once inside the terminal the staff was exceptional, because I had pre checked in online we could go straight through where we had passport control, checked my debit card and x rayed us and within 30 minutes of getting off the car ferry we were onboard!!! No mucking about, no delays just checked in and go
Once we stepped aboard we were simply in awe of the ship, inside its amazing the decks all have something on them from ice skating rink to a cinema to a casino to the swimming pools etc. the thing that struck me first was the staircases and Debbie was loving the glass elevators. Deck five is the royal promenade and WOW that is outstanding. Shops and bars adorn either side and the is something for everybody, we found he English themed pub the duck and dog ordered a drink and just sat in admiration. After a short drink stop we went exploring the upper decks to get our bearings, the pools and jacuzzi’s area looks great and although it was quite windy that soon died down.
Eventually we decided to find the windjammer for lunch. The windjammer is a self service buffet style and naturally I helped myself and ate til I was full!! Plenty of food that caters for everybody ( obviously I had chips)!!! The food and drinks are good size portions, after lunch we headed back down to the royal promenade where I found the Ben and Jerry’s shop after Debbie twisted my arm I had a large waffle cone which I just about managed to eat. By two our room was ready so we headed off to find it cabin 7579, before we went I preordered the grand romance package which consisted of decorations for he room, bottle of champagne, bath robes, bouquet of flowers and cupcakes and all these were ready for us in the room. It was much better than I expected the bed was lovely and although I’m not a shower person that was nice too. We had a view over the royal promenade as well which was nice. Before we knew it it was time for the compulsory meeting where all guests had to go to the muster station for the showing of how to do you life jackets up and where to go and women and children first ( I don’ t think so). Then it was time for the ship to depart, I was hoping for the foghorn to blast as we left but no so with camera at the ready it was time to start snapping, it took us a good 45 minutes to pass cowes and I got the photos that I was looking for, it was however very blustery on deck and we lasted as long as passing ryde and Portsmouth and getting a quick snap of sandown pier before it got the better of us and we headed in to get ready for dinner. You may notice a lot of reference to food already !!!.
Dinner time arrived and we headed of to he Mozart dining room to get seated, thankfully we got a table for two and we were met by our waiter and his assistant. The menu is quite posh and I was worried that I would find anything but then right at the bottom the old reliable steak turned up so I had that. Very nice it was too. After dinner we set of to find the entertainment and found a lovely little bar called blue moon where a duo were performing an acoustic set and that was this time it was 11:00 and after a tiring day we headed to bed.

My first impressions so far are that this holiday is going to blow my mind. Everything so far has been perfect much better than I had imagined, the staff are friendly the people onboard all seem normal and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

P1340382 P1340393 P1340419 P1340420 P1340421 P1340427 P1340441 P1340452 P1340482 P1340488 P1340490 P1340510 P1340513 P1340531 P1340544 P1340555 P1340564 P1340567 P1340582 P1340590 P1340594 P1340596 P1340600 P1340603 P1340607 P1340609 P1340610 P1340614 P1340619 P1340625 P1340627 P1340628 P1340629 P1340630 P1340652 P1340654

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