As previously stated in numerous blogs over the past few weeks, my stammer is becoming a little frustrating or more to the point I AM becoming frustrating. I know what to do but simply can’t correct myself. Debbie said herself the other day that i have become complacent and i have to agree with her. I know that i have accepted my speech as it is but i don’t know whether this is good enough. Should i be pushing myself more? Am i becoming too self critical again? I’m stuck in a rut with my stammer and i really don’t know how to get out of it. I have noticed that when i’m talking to strangers i put my techniques into practice. I take a deep breath, slow my speaking right down and feel in control, HOWEVER and his is the frustrating bit when i’m talking to family, friends and people i know i go to pieces and just resort to how I’ve always been. I start rushing, making noises, tapping, blurting and interrupting. I know i’m doing it but simply can’t stop.

I’ve got five weeks until we go on our cruise and i’m desperate to do more. I don’t want Debbie to be the one ordering everything and doing all the talking. In January when i started this blog and made the conscious effort to be pro active i was feeling very confident about where i was going with this, but now i’m holding my hands up and saying HELP!! This is where i’m asking for some interaction from you guys. Can you give any me and tips or advice as how to conquer this? All suggestions welcome

5 thoughts on “crossroad

  1. I have just read your blog and I think it’s fantastic! So what you have a stammer? My big toe is a funny shape? Does this make me different? hell yes! would you like to be like everybody else? hell no! Your unique and if people can’t deal with that then that’s their problem NOT YOURS? And if your frustrated with it why not try something completely different? I like unique people and you just happen to be 1 of them

  2. Hi, thanks for your blog, it’s always good to know there are others in similar boats to ourselves.

    I’m not new to stammering but I am new to thinking and talking about it and being in touch with others. The thing that jumps out if your blog to me is ‘your’ focus on the stammer. We can’t expect others to accept it if we don’t accept it ourselves. Does that make sense? I always worried what other people thought of me and my stammer. I let my stammer define me, allowing it to be my most important feature. It’s simply not though, learning to accept it allows it to be pushed to one side and not be the focus of everything.

    Like you I stammer badly to family, not sure why, but I do. But you know what, family know us and accept us more than anyone else so they can handle it.

    So, I hope the cruise goes well, there’s no reason it shouldn’t. And I hope you stop interrupting Debbie. My wife interrupts me and it drives me nuts!!!

    Keep blogging, Andrew

    • Thank you Andrew ,
      I agree with most of what you said I definitely let my stammer control me although since I started this blog I am 100% better than last year, I am too self critical and Debbie gets the brunt of it bless her!! I am trying in more ways than one !!

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