the isle of wight tourism blog (?) part 1

So seeing as when we woke up this morning it seemed quite nice me and Debbie stuck to our plan and decided to make a day of it as we headed of to Carisbrooke Castle and then Osbourne House. Now me personally i love the history of these places and i know that Debbie loves it too although she isn’t too keen on all the walking both entail. So we made a deal that i would go along the top of Carisbrooke Castle whilst she sat in the sun. Now as much as i love visiting these places i still object to paying £7.70 for Carisbrooke Castle and £13.80 for Osbourne House. In fact the only saving grace is that i don’t have to. One of the perks of working for Royal Mail.!!!  God i love my job. However as much as i love these places the price is offensive. For a family i can quite understand why people wouldn’t go to and visit. When you walk in to pay  the staff  push people into joining the english heritage  and at £48 a year it’s definitely worth that money much more than the money they charge singularly. I for one don’t understand the logic of charging so much, surely the more people that visit the better, surely if you get three people in at £5 a time thats better than one person in at £13.80?, word of mouth at a cheap place out would spread and more would visit?, maybe i’m wrong and thats why i’m not a business man. I’m not sure if this is just an island thing but seeing as its english heritage owned i’m thinking it’s the same nation wide. However the island is guilty of overcharging for places and attractions, in fact i have visited these attractions every year since 2011 and this is only because it’s free. Before Royal Mail brought this perk in i had only been once since moving over to Carisbrooke Caste and hadn’t visited Osbourne House at all.  Anyone who has either visited the island or wanted to knows that before you even step foot on the island it has cost you the best part of £100 due to the ridiculous prices that the ferry companies are allowed to charge, however this problem isn’t limited to the ferries, my main gripe with island attractions is that not only are they overpriced they aren’t also particularly  worth a second visit. Alum Bay, The needles, Blackgang Chine, Robin Hill and the Isle Of Wight Zoo are all also in this bracket (please note this is only my own personal opinion). Maybe i was spoilt growing up in London where places would take you all day to look around and every time you went would be different. I love going back to London Zoo and the Natural History Museum for instance. However i’m digressing from the point (sorry)
So the first of today’s visits was Carisbrooke Castle. This place i have visited lots of time, in the 80’s with my family, the 90’s with my school and since i’ve moved here as previously stated and yes ok it’s something that hasn’t changed much if at all over the decades (sound old) there’s something about it that attracts me to here. Obviously the history of the place is amazing and when you read into what has gone in over the years it’s a pretty awesome day out. Well i say day i probably should say couple of hours. Debbie sat down whilst i went walking along the top of it as the paths and staircases are quite steep, one set takes your breath away. Hopefully these photos will give you an idea of it’s beauty both inside the castle and the views from the top P1320564 P1320569 P1320570 P1320575 P1320581 P1320584 P1320603 P1320610 P1320616 P1320626 P1320632 P1320642 P1320650 P1320679 P1320680 P1320693 P1320736 P1320758
From Carisbrooke and after eating lunch in the car (romantic eh?) we drove to Osbourne House. One of the things i love about here is the garden and flowers, however due to the inclimate weather when we visited the walled garden there was nothing in bloom except a couple of daffodills and tulips most disappointing. We caught the courtesy bus down to Swiss Cottage and had a nose around, from there we walked down to the private beach that Queen Victoria loved so much, funny to think that i may have walked in the footsteps of royalty. We only go around the grounds here as looking around the house is a bit much with all the stair cases and all that and i get the arse as i’m not allowed to take photos!!. Again the issue of overcharging reared it’s ugly head, we were going to buy tea and cake from the cafe inside the grounds and was amazed at the cost of £6.35 for one cup of tea!!. Honestly what do they think we are made of money. Luckily when we left we went into the english heritage cafe and got a cuppa for the more respectable price of £3.30 and cake £3.25 (victoria sponge) which was delicious mmmm me love the cake.P1320771 P1320785 P1320790 P1320792 P1320796 P1320805 P1320841 P1320852 P1320855 P1320856 P1320860 P1320863 P1320864 P1320868 P1320874 P1320878
I was trying out a setting on my camera that i found which i think has worked out quite well.
So there you have it, it was a lovely day out for me and hopefully Debbie enjoyed it too. Was good practise for the cruise me thinks. If it’s nice next weekend we might go to other attractions. If we have a spare half hour we might do the zoo

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