some favourite photos

have been very encouraged by the feedback I’ve received from my photos that i have put on and so I’ve decided to put some more from the past on here. Have chosen some from holidays in Tunisia, Bruges and the island. Mainly scenic ones and a few sunset ones ( off course)!! Might seem a bit self indulgent but i’m happy to share as long as people are willing to look at them!! As per normal hope you enjoy.

2009_0423bruges00422009_0423bruges00772009_0423bruges01342009_1118bruges0193228837_1956388948561_1207842766_31758612_3411503_nP1020722P1030759P1030763P1090805P1090872P1100375P1100591P1110858aP1130244P1140349P1140350P1260048DIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERADIGITAL CAMERAtunisia 08 335tunisia 08 595DIGITAL CAMERA

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