Been nice having my days off the past couple of weeks, this week especially what with bank holiday Friday and Monday i am enjoying just switching my brain off so far and i still have one more day to go. My speech has been fine not perfect but i am happy with it, i still can’t quite get past the first word without making some kind of noise and although i have had a couple of really bad phone calls this week i am still satisfied with how things are going. I made a conscious decision last weekend not to be too hard on myself and just let things be, no matter how harsh i am on myself ( i have always been my own worst critic) i have to be proud of how far i have come over the last two months. Small steps over time is gonna be better for me than large steps in a short space of time, this isn’t a race or competition i am in so no need to rush things. The cold air at the moment is affecting my breathing therefore affecting my speech but i have to be pragmatic about it , there is nothing that can be done about that, as long as i take my inhaler i’m fine. Again as soon as i am in full flow my stammer is tolerable 

Whilst i am off i have been taking charlie (my beautiful dog) out with me. One of my hobbies is photography and although i get frustrated with some aspects of it i do really enjoy going out and taking photos. I’m a bit of a twitcher on the quiet and i love going down the local bird hut and seeing what i can find. It’s not just the odd bird that i take i love scenic shots as well as wildlife and I’m fortunately that i live on such a beautiful island and the scenery is breathtaking. Whenever we go out with Charlie i usually weather permitting taking my camera and usually take a few hundred photos for me to shift through when we get back, quite a lot go in the recycle bin as i put my camera onto burst mode so i get a lot of the same but it’s something that i really enjoy doing and it does really chill me out. I can only imagine the amount of photos i’m gonna come back with from the cruise!!!. When the summer’s here me and deb are usually out for a good few hours exploring with charlie our wonderful island, i’ve got thousands of photos that i’d love to share but i’ll limit them to a few honest. I do love my camera as it’s not too technical but it does take some wonderful shots, i can’t take all the credit although i would like to. I think it’s something that i would have liked to have gotten into when i was younger but it is a great hobby for me now.

A chilled out David is a happy David 

So i’ve posted a few of my favorites hope you enjoy themImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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