confession time

This week as mentioned in previous blogs has been a strange one, the cold weather hasn’t helped my asthma one bit which in turn has affected my stammer, i have been complacent and it has annoyed me even more than usual as i now know that i am doing it and doing nothing to conquer it. Saturday was slightly better for me although i did come home and go to sleep for a couple of hours after work something that i very rarely do but i had a headache most of the day and was feeling a bit poorly (man flu alert)!!.

My concerns about not being able to do the cruise proved unfounded as i have reached my target goal and we are now virtually good to go, i need to get a few bits and pieces for myself and Debbie and then boom!! we there (81 days and counting). So looking forward to doing this you wouldn’t believe, i just want it to be perfect as it is for our 10th wedding anniversary. Been planning most things but it;s hard to stick to one thing before i find something else, Debbie says we should just play it by ear and go with the flow, something i find really hard to do. I’m such an anorak sometimes i love being in control of what we are doing etc etc.  We’ve got excursions booked for St Petersburg and Bruges and i’ve planned a trip to the Ice Bar and the statue gardens in Oslo but Copenhagen, Talinn and Helsinki is just gonna be blindly finding things to do!! Should be interesting. I think because it’s our first cruise i am apprehensive of what to expect, i’m probably taking too much money but i’d rather be sat on the boat thinking we could do this and that then having to work out what we can or can’t do. If anyone has been on the royal caribbean adventurer of the seas cruise liner i’d love to hear from you. As Debbie will testify i can be a little anal in that i NEED to know details in advance, i hate surprises and i’m not the most spontaneous of guys.

Now for my confession time!! i was due to go to the asthma clinic for the first time to have a chat with them and let them know how my inhaler has been and all that, Debbie wrote in the diary the date Wednesday 20th 16:45 and i even checked it when she asked me earlier in the week, however something in my brain told me it was actually Thursday the 21st at 16:45, so i missed it d’oh!!. Luckily Debbie explained to the doctors that i was an idiot and the secretary and her even agreed that men were stupid and now i’m booked in for the 12th of April at 11:30 ( if someone on here could remind me nearer the time i would appreciate it).

So my goals for this week are to stop being complacent and go back to how well i was doing before, and also to stop being a goldfish!!!


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