mini melt down averted

Well after my mini melt down the other day things are back to how they should be, I’ve had a good couple of days probably helped by the fact that i have finished work at a reasonable time  which is nice as i can spend the late afternoon snuggled on the sofa and then the evening catching up with deb. I’ve only got two more weeks of extra overtime then i have got the amount that i wanted for the cruise and i can tone it down a little so that i am fully relaxed for the cruise. (did i mention i was going on a cruise?). My stammer has been quite good really as well considering how out of breath i have been due to the cold conditions and asthma, again it’s really only the start of the conversations that is causing me grief but i’ll take that to be honest. Rome wasn’t built in a day but i am still pleased with my progress. I haven’t seen Gillian my speech therapist since September and although i feel i don’t need her anymore i want to see her so she can see the improvement in me ( also i want her to say how well i’m doing!! come on i am a man you all know how we like our ego stroked). Hopefully in a couple of weeks i will arrange this as i would like some feedback all joking aside and i think i would benefit from getting some speech exercises to keep for later use just in case. I have noticed myself how calm i have become again which is nice for everyone, Debbie always used to say when we first met how chilled out i was and i had missed being that person the last few years but i can genuinely say he’s back and i had missed him.

I am trying to set myself some goals to achieve this week as well, I want to be able to start a conversation calmly and also i feel that i’m using this asthma as a little bit of an excuse so i want to stop that, I know i’m getting out of breath a fair bit but that’s partly due to me not doing my breathing exercises that i know. I can’t get into the habit of using asthma as an excuse like i did my stammer. I’m stronger than that and let’s be honest here i’m old enough to know better as well


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