worst day

Today has officially been my worst day for weeks. Found it really hard first thing this morning to get my words out and that carried on throughout the whole day. Making stupid noises whilst trying to talk and not doing any of my techniques. For a little while i felt the old David coming back . I found it extremely frustrating BUT what has impressed me today is that normally when having a bad day i hide away and just don’t bother to talk to anybody in great length just simple one word answers but i have tried to keep going. I am annoyed at myself for not doing my breathing but today my asthma was really bad. It’s snowed all day and was really quite cold so perhaps this is the reasoning behind my speech but still, it’s definitely been a tough day today. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that i am doing too much. I’m forever trying to rush around and get everything done but i just have to accept that with my asthma now its impossible for me to rush around like an idiot anymore. I just have to be sensible no point working my arse off for this cruise if all i’m gonna do is sleep on it 


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