asthma revelations

So Friday was the day i was dreading this week really, had my ECG booked at 15:40 and as was my first experience wasn’t looking forward to it, however i needn’t of worried, was called into the nurses room, where she explained she had to shave me so that the sensors could go on (a normal situation for a hairy beast) and as i was told it could last 30 minutes i was just getting settled down for a well earned sleep after working my day off when i was told that was it all done. I looked at Debbie who had been sneaking a look at the monitor and she seemed to know all was well, then got called into the doctors who said that all was well with ECG and blood tests. Then the news that i was waiting for, you are ASTHMATIC, not sure where this has come from as far as i know no-one in my family suffers from asthma but nice to know that the tightness in my chest that i’d been experiencing since Christmas was nothing serious. In fact the doctor said that i have a 1.74% chance of having either a heart attack or a stroke which is nice. Slightly high cholesterol of 6 but nothing to worry about ( cue happy dance). Whats all this got to do with a blog about stammering? i hear you ask (yes you in the corner) well i will tell you

My breathing or lack of it has been affecting my speech for the best part of two years and whereas i thought it was just me being me, being overweight, talking too fast it’s actually a medical problem that has caused it. I’ve had an inhaler for two days and the difference is remarkable i’m so much better now which is great. The past three weeks since i started my blog i have generally tried to stop and take a breath and start again but because I’ve been so breathless its been difficult, however i have been impressing myself with my tenacity and i haven’t let it stop me. Now i really have got no excuse for letting my breathing control my speech, just take some of my inhaler and compose myself and  BOOM i’m there. Hopefully depending on my workload Tuesday might be the day i start tai chi which should be interesting to say the least.


2 thoughts on “asthma revelations

  1. Great stuff Dave we have never thought of you as a person who stutters but as a friend with a great personality. You express yourself really well so is it really necessary to use bad language in your blog – we know you can be a winner without doing this. Great to read about the support and love you get from your family.
    Friends of a CHAMPION
    F & P

    • Hi Fred, thanks for your comment, sorry for the bad language , sometimes frustration gets the better of me, I will tone it down promise lol, to be fair I think I’ve done well not to use more , seriously though I do appreciate everything you and Pauline do, I do also appreciate you both taking the time to read this blog, it’s very good for me ,

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