MC Stammer – Can’t Say This

Ok I’ve finished my parody sorry if it offends anyone, if it helps picture me in MC Hammer style trousers dancing along:

My My My stammer hits me so hard,

Makes me so why dear lord

Why did you give me

A speech defect that needs therapy

It feels bad and gets me down

Words get stuck and i start to frown

And i know as such

That this is a sentence i can’t touch:

Any tongue twisters (can’t say this)

Any long words (can’t say this)

Look at my mouth man (can’t say this)

You can see i’m stuck (can’t say this)

Saying the sentence in advance

If i get it right its a happy dance

So stay on the edge of your seat

If i get it right you’re in for a treat

Whilst i’m in full flow hold on

If i get stuck it’s all gone wrong

Like this, like that

Stammering makes me feel such a prat

I’ll let you know if it gets to much

And this is a word i won’t touch

Yo i told you man long words (can’t say this)

She sells seashells (can’t say this)

Sound the bell time for therapy (can’t say this)

Give me a song and i’m fine

Soon as i speak it’s way down the line

Now you all know

Talk about a stammer, i’m star of the show

I get stuck, chest feels tight

Fingers start sweating, i’m not alright

I’ve tried to learn

Whats its gonna take for me to earn

The right to speak

Pressured situations i just go weak

I tried to work hard but i just quit

Life with a stammer really is shit

That’s word cos you know

Can’t say this

Cant say this

Cant say this 




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