reasons to be cheerful

So after my last less than positive post i have had the necessary kick up the arse from at least 5 people I’ve decided to do my do list: I’ve refused to call it the bucket list now as that’s slightly morbid I’ve got years ahead of me to do these things. Some of these things are probably unrealistic but you never know i might do them (although don’t hold your breathe)!!

Whilst doing this i discovered that most of these involve travelling and that’s something that i would love to do more of, so far I’ve been Tunisia, Malaga, Magaluf, Calais and Brugge. In June me and Debbie are going on our first cruise to the Baltic taking in Oslo, Copenhagen, Talinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Brugge so that’s one thing i can cross of the list already. Scandinavia has always appealed to me so thats why i chose this cruise. I wanted to go to Stockholm but i can’t complain at the moment, it aint going anywhere is it?,

Sorry i digress here’s the first part of my list some might raise a few eyebrows, some might make you laugh but it’s my list so there!!!

Bungee Jump,

Learn to play guitar,

Learn another language,

Write a book,

Meet Papa Roach get them to autograph me then get that tattooed,

See the Red Hot Chili Peppers live,

Buy a camper van and travel round Britain and Ireland,

Be fluent,

tattoo Debbie!!! (this is my own personal favourite),

Go to camp nou, ibrox and the San siro and watch Barcelona,Rangers and AC Milan play

Now we come onto the travelling section of the list, i didn’t realize how many places i’d like to visit until i started this but here goes:

Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Florence, Paris, Prague, Dubrovnik, Budapest, Stockholm, Berlin, Auschwitz, The Fjords, Lapland (at Christmas , Northern Lights, Lake Geneva, Lake Garda, Moscow. As you can see Europe fascinates me this is partly why i wanted to do a cruise this year as its probably the only way i could see so many places in one go. Ok we may only have a few hours in each port but thats good enough for now. Debbie and me both agreed that if we liked a place we would always go back. I love the history of places obviously Auschwitz would be such a haunting place to visit but that and the trenches in ypres and places like that intrigue me, such horror but i imagine they are now so peaceful places.

Further afield i would also like to go to:

Alaska, the Artic, Canada, New Zealand and an african safari would be the ultimate for me

One thought on “reasons to be cheerful

  1. That’s the old Dave back to normal, you are young enough to achieve what you want to achieve but as you know Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    I am glad you got a kick up the arse and I think it has made you realise what you already have in life.

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