Today has pretty much followed yesterdays path FRUSTRATION, i have found myself repeatedly telling myself to stop, breath and start again but for some reason it’s not been working today. I don’t know why, to be honest, i don’t feel stressed, uptight or anything like that, i did wake up with a slight sore throat so maybe i am coming down with something (whenever i am ill my speech gets considerably worse). Again similar to yesterday my breathing was worse than my stammer. I was trying to work out what i did differently today and although i did manage to cycle to work that is only five minutes away surely i’m not that unfit? So i am at a loss at the moment to understand why i am struggling slightly but it won’t get the better of me

Is there any techniques that you use to help when you are having a bad day? i hear you ask but no there isn’t i wanted to find out if any of my readers have some hints or tips they’d like to share. Although i was having a bad day i did continue to talk to people and i was still trying my techniques which i am very impressed by, normally i’d retreat back into myself and just nod to people or stick to one word answers but i decided to write the blog to help me so  I’ve got to go head first into this haven’t i?

One thought on “Frustration

  1. Something popped up in my mind, have you ever tried meditation…there are cd’s and there might be some clips on youtube….can really help with de-stressing and slow your breathing…..just an idea…

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