my first week

Well its been a week since i took the plunge and first decided to do this, ok I’ve not written anything for a couple of days but that is purely because I’ve had nothing to say really. The difference in me i think is amazing. I can see a difference in both me when i talk and also in others when i am talking. I no longer feel that they are desperate to get away. I haven’t been fluent all week and sometimes i still stammer more often than not but i’m not letting it control me. If anything i’m suffering from a lack of breathe instead of a stammer. I am finding it difficult to get the first word out when i talk but once that has past i feel confident enough to slow my talking down and continue in full flow. Debbie has been SO supportive this week but then she always is but what has surprised me is the level of support i have received from others. My work colleagues have all been great David and Keith in particular have been very vocal in their praise both on my posts and to me and this truly means a lot but its not just these two, i’m very lucky to work with a great bunch of lads who (mostly) dont make an issue of my speech, i still accept one or two comments about it but i have made a conscious effort on my part not to take the mickey out of myself and this has been reflected by them. I have also noticed that on my round i seem to be talking to more people also, it always was the same old few and i did used to avoid certain people but this past week i have felt confident enough to just let the techniques that Gillian taught me and it has worked.My twin Garry has also been very supportive, he has been writing a blog for a long time now so he’s advice and encouragement also has been a big help .

Today probably has been my worst day but as Debbie pointed out to me i have been very breathless today and this always affects me, this may be because i put on weight over the Christmas period but my diet starts as from today so i’m hoping this will help. I have done well I’ve not eaten chocolate for two days (that’s good for me trust me). 

I also appreciate the comments and advice that people who are reading this blog are giving, the British Stammering Association got in touch with me and asked me to re post this on there facebook page and that’s been an eye opener as well, maybe now that i know i’m not the only person that goes through this has helped me too. Whats amazed me is the number of females that i have noticed who stammer, i was always told that females grow out of it (obviously told wrongly) and in my experiences i have never met a female stammerer but i would love to hear their experiences of stammering. Also fellow bloggers that read mine have all been very positive and again i do appreciate, i may not do a daily blog from now on but i will try not to bore you all!!! One follower who i have been reading is inspiring me to write a bucket list, which i am really keen to do although its mainly looking like  a travel bucket list it’s nice to have dreams now, my new found confidence is looking at possibly learning another language but perhaps i should wait til i truly conquer my speech 

I have noticed myself checking my stats on here too much though i get disappointed when its only 2 or 3 views which is probably defeating the purpose of why i am doing this. With all this blogging though i have been curious into what other stammerers go through, what techniques they use, what helps them, any other forms of therapy they use. I know that some have gone through treatments such as starfish project and maguire but do they really help?, should we have to pay for treatment really? I also interested to find out whether you class stammering as a disability, i think i did for years, as you can see feedback is important to me as i do want to learn more about it


3 thoughts on “my first week

  1. Good effort mate, no spelling mistakes, lol. Shame u r on a diet, was gonna bring you in a cream cake tomorrow, oh well I,ll eat it myself… BUuuurrpp!! Managed to read all of it!
    Seriously, u r making great progress, can’t be easy at times, but u need to be very proud of yourself, it’s YOU that’s done it mate!
    Off to bed now, tired after all that reading!

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