pat on the back

The confidence that writing these blogs has given me is unbelievable. Today i did something 6 times that i rarely ever do. Whats that? i hear you say, well dear reader i shall tell you, i  not only answered the phone but i also made three phone calls. 

Debbie will tell you that i never do these things, i only normally talk to her on the phones and usually avoid making phone calls even to my family, but today something was different. On my phone different people have different ringtones so i know straight away who’s calling and if i want to answer. If the standard ringtone goes i never answer and simply let it go to voice mail but today i took the BRAVE step of actually answering. I remembered the techniques from Gillian my speech therapist and slowed my breathing down and managed to sound fairly fluent. I always find answering the phone the worst bit because normally i stop breathing and struggle to make my words come out and ok at first today was hard but instead of giving up i carried on with it and actually felt really good.

When i got in i had to make phone calls that i had been putting of and again everything went fine, yes i stammered but i was in control of it, the difference in me this week is amazing and for someone with such a low opinion of himself even i have to admit that. I’m not naive to think its now all going to go swimmingly all the time but lets just enjoy the moment and give myself a pat on the back


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